Parnita Senjit is a semi-abstract artist. She has participated in many groups and solo shows in London. She has lived in the Massachusetts, New Jersey, Bangalore, Pune and London. Her paintings are mostly in mixed media.

Aligning to a theme is an integral part of her way of working and she derives her inspiration from non obvious elements; emotions and human perceptions towards them. Her work has received special recognition award by LST International Online Gallery twice and her art was selected as a poster on social media in Brick lane Art exhibition London. Apart from being fitness professional she is also qualified as nutrition and weight management advisor.

She studied Interior Designing and worked as one for almost 7 Years before finally moving into fitness industry. It is during this period she realised the need to connect the emotional and physical form of the human mind.

As highlighted in theCroydon Citizen the search to find a perfect balance is never ending ...